NLP for Golf Online package

NLP for Golf Online Course

NLP for Golf course

NLP for GOLF Online Course

NLP Key’s Ultimate Golf Package turns good Golfers into GREAT ones!

If you want to be the best, NLP Key’s Online GOLF course will give you the tools to make it real.


Do you want to…NLP for Golf Online Course

Lower your handicap?

Feel supremely confident on the course?

Visualise your perfect game & actually achieve it?

Master your mental game for peak performance?

These are the results NLP Golf students get!



NLP for Golf Online package

What you get…

9x Modules delivered in PDF format

9x Instructional Videos to accompany each PDF

7 day “Love it” or a FULL REFUND guarantee!



NLP for Golf Module List NLP for Golf Module List

These modules have been designed specifically for Golfers to achieve peak performance on the golf course.

The 9 modules contain a selection of the absolute best NLP Techniques for dealing with the mental pressures and focus needed to perform optimally in Golf.

By the end of this course, you will have reprogrammed your mind to feel supremely confident even in the most difficult situations and every part of you, both in physiology and psychology, will be primed to be the best.


Module 1 - The Ultimate Swish PatternModule 1

The Ultimate Swish Pattern

We start the course off with a bang!

This is arguably the most powerful technique in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and you’ll be learning it from the get-go!

I’ll provide a step-by-step guide for you to follow and show you how you can use this for real-life Golfing situations.

This is powerful stuff that actually works!



Module 2 Module 2 - Positive Mind Mapping

Positive Mind Mapping

Imagine if you could take those situations you dread on the course and program your mind to feel positive and focused instead!

With NLP you can program this on a deep subconscious level so you don’t even have to make a conscious effort next time around.

This isn’t just “positive thinking”, this is literally programming a new automatic response in those high-pressure, stressful situations so you produce your best when your back is against the wall.


Module 3 - Invincible Self-Talk Module 3

Invincible Self-Talk

This will teach you how to make that inner voice your best friend instead of your worst enemy!

Learn the Milton & Meta Model language which hypnotists use to speak directly to your subconscious brain!

Program your inner dialogue to bring out the best in you!


Module 4 Module 4 Anchored for Success

Anchored for Success

This is one of my favorite NLP techniques and is akin to having a super power up your sleeve whenever you need it!

The anchor allows you to activate any desired emotional response on command through specially designed triggers!

I’ll teach you how to do this step-by-step and show you specific triggers I use for Golf!


Module 5 - Perception is KeyModule 5

Perception is Key 

Learn the art of changing Perceptual Positions and, as a result, gain a much greater insight into how you approach each shot!

Not only will it improve your strokes and play-by-play decision-making, but also give you a much-needed objective perspective that frees you from being a slave to your emotions in the heat of battle!


Module 6 Module 6 - Peak Performance Breathing

Peak Performance Breathing

This is magic! Control your breathing, control your heart rate and get into the zone!

I teach you the most effective (scientifically proven!) breathing techniques that elite athletes use to gain laser-sharp focus and master emotions when the external situation is anything but relaxing!

These techniques are extremely fast-acting and provide instant results in your brain chemistry to put you in the perfect state to play your best game NOW!


Module 7 - Monk MindsetModule 7

Monk Mindset

Learn how the best of the best get into a Zen mindset when the rest of the competition are losing their heads!

The techniques I outline in this module will give you complete mental balance, take away past regrets, remove future fears & get you focused on the present moment so all your focus is where it should be!


Module 8 Module 8 - Body Language of Champions

Body Language of Champions

Your physiology has an incredible effect on your mental state.

Learn how subtle shifts in your body position can change the way you feel instantly!

I will show you the ultimate physiology tweaks so you look and feel like a champion!



Module 9 - Instilling ConfidenceModule 9

Instilling Confidence

We finish the course with the biggest separator between the good and the great… Confidence!

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming skills you will learn in this module will have you feeling unstoppable!

No matter what the stakes are or who the competition is, you will play with the confidence of a winner!

This is the final key to becoming the best golfer you can be!


NLP for Golf Official Certificate

Become a certified “NLP Golf Practitioner”

Official Certification provided from upon completion of the course and providing you pass the corresponding final exam.

You will receive your “NLP Golf Practitioner” certificate by email in PDF format.



7-DAY Money Back Guarantee! Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you don’t absolutely LOVE the course within the first 7 days then I will refund you 100% of your money!

You read right… I’m so confident you will love this course that I’m giving this guarantee, no questions asked, all your money will be returned to you.

I am sure you won’t need it but it’s always nice to know you’ve got this assurance if the course in any way doesn’t live up to your expectations.

So what are you waiting for?…. With a guarantee like this, you have nothing to lose!


Mike Lloyd-Green -NLP Keys Founder-
Mike Lloyd-Green -NLP Keys Founder-


You will also be sent the personal email of Mike Lloyd-Green (Internationally Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Founder of

Mike guarantees he will respond to any of your questions within 24 hours during the 9-week duration of your course.

This is an unbelievable extra when you consider that this personal feedback normally costs $50 per hour!



The next step is to scroll down to the bottom of this page and reserve your place on one of the upcoming dates I have available!

But be quick because places are limited! (In order for me to personally provide the highest level of customer service for each and every one of the course’s students I limit places. Quality support and service for my students are my #1 priority!)

Reserving your place on a course is 100% FREE (no down-payment or credit card details required!)

You will then receive a confirmation email from NLP Keys in the following 24 hours to confirm your place is reserved on the course for the month selected.

Two weeks before the course begins you will receive another email and it is at this point you will be required to pay for the course (don’t worry, your 7-day money-back guarantee starts from the 1st day you actually begin the course!)

Once the course starts you will be sent one module every week

This is done so you are not oversaturated with information and have a week to fully practice and perform the techniques in the module you are on.

It also allows me to thoroughly answer any student questions they may have regarding the techniques and how to perform them effectively.

In total the course lasts 9 weeks after which you will have an option to complete the NLP for Golf Official Test. 

If you pass you will receive certification from NLP Keys to say you’ve successfully completed the course. If you don’t pass, you will have 2 more chances at completing the test. (NOTE: If you remain unsuccessful after all 3 attempts you will have to pay an extra $30USD to have the opportunity at passing the test & receiving certification again.)



  • 9x eBooks which teach the best Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques, Step-by-Step in PDF format = $60
  • 9x Instructional Videos which show exactly how to use the techniques on the golf course = $40
  • 1-on1 feedback from Mike Lloyd-Green (NLPkeys founder & NLP Master Practitioner) during 9 weeks = $50 (at the very least)

Total Value =   150 no

For only $99 you can have access to the complete course!












(NOTE: 2022 dates will become available in October 2021)