Can You Use NLP On Yourself

Can You Use NLP On Yourself?

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NLP is a set of techniques used that helps us understand how the human brain works. This understanding allows us to change our behavior and improve our lives.

NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming. This approach to psychology focuses on understanding human behavior and it looks at the connections between everything we say, think and do.

The idea behind NLP is that our brains process information in ways similar to computers. We make decisions based on data that we receive from the world around us.

So, if we want to understand why someone does something, we look at their words, actions, and behaviors.

Becoming Aware 

In NLP, people learn to use language effectively to influence others. They become aware of the power of language, internal and external and how it affects their thinking and feeling.

They learn to identify their own limiting beliefs, and how they influence themselves and others. And finally, they learn to break free from certain negative or limiting beliefs.

Why Do People Use NLP?

NLP is an ideal concept to use on ourselves because In NLP, you are the leader of your mind. All NLP tools help to develop a life that is more positive and full of choices.

Approximately 40% of all the students that study NLP learn NLP simply as a personal development tool.

Many use NLP without a professional coach, using it as a way to transform themselves into better leaders, coaches, teachers, healers, parents, spouses, partners, friends, managers, salespeople, doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc.

Let’s look at some NLP techniques you can apply to yourself in your everyday life. 

 1. Imagery Training 

Imagery training, also known as mental rehearsal, is one of the classic neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques based on visualization.

Its effectiveness stems from the fact that it’s straightforward and logical; you start with a simple task and gradually build up to more complex ones.

The key is to create a detailed scene of yourself performing an action successfully, whether that action is presenting a report or striking a golf ball.

Imagine your body language: confident and determined, comfortable and relaxed, etc. Feel the self-assurance you exude and the power that surrounds you.

Be as specific about what you’re doing as possible. Gradually the positive imagery will become reality.

2. Modeling 

Modeling is a useful NLP method to incorporate into everyday life. It has gained the most interest from the successful entrepreneurs and sportsmen.

It’s based on the concept of whatever we focus on and concentrate our mind upon is what will happen. 

To elevate our lives, we must surround ourselves with those who are succeeding in what we wish and concentrate on modeling their behaviors.

The more positive influences  we have  around us, the more we can leverage this method.

3. NLP Swish 

As we know, NLP stands for neural linguistic programming. This technique helps us understand how people communicate and interact with each other.

We can use these insights to improve our communication skills and become better leaders. NLP, swish, is a method used to help us build empathy and understanding.

The first step is to imagine something you don’t like, such as a person or situation. If you think about something negative, enlarge it in your mind.

Next, create a detailed image in your mind about what you want to replace this thing with but make it bold and bright. 

You could also add some energizing music to create a positive vibe. 

4. Mirroring 


Mirroring is a beneficial NLP tool used to instantly connect with people. This simple technique allows us to understand what others are thinking and feeling without having to ask questions.

We can read each other’s emotions simply by looking into each other’s eyes. By mirroring our partner’s body language, we can communicate with them better than ever before.

When you’re engaging with someone who is very energetic you can try and match that level of energy. Observe their body language and try to match that too.

If their body language seems calm, do the same. You’ll find yourself communicating much easier and faster, and with a greater sense of empathy. 

5. Incantations

Tony Robbins is known for his high energy and passion during his workshops. He often says that he doesn’t want to do anything less than give people “the best experience possible.”

When asked how he stays focused and energized throughout his events, he tells us that he incorporates some simple NLP tools into his routine. 

One of those tools is called incantations. Incantations are a form of self hypnosis where you use specific phrases to change your physiology.

They work because they activate parts of the brain that help you feel confident and calm. In fact, he says that he uses incantations every day while driving to work.

6. Goal Setting 

NLP offers many ways to set goals, including setting SMART goals, writing down your goals, and creating a vision board. But there are some additional tips that could help you reach those goals faster.

For example, you might consider thinking about what it is that makes you happy.

What do you enjoy doing? Where do you feel most fulfilled? How does it make you feel to achieve something? These questions can help you identify what it is that you truly desire.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we tend to set goals based on our current situation.

If you’re unhappy where you are now, chances are you won’t be satisfied with whatever outcome you come up with. Instead, try to imagine yourself in a better place.

Think about how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved your goal.

Finally, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t just write down your goals. You should also think about why you want to accomplish them.

Why do you want to become a doctor? To save lives? Because you love helping people? Or maybe you simply want to change careers because you hate your job.

Whatever your reasons are, make sure that they align with your ultimate goal.

7. Ask Questions Of Yourself 

We are constantly looking for answers to questions in our lives. This process is called  “mind searching”. This happens automatically without us even realizing it.

We don’t think about what we’re doing; we just do it. For instance, when you go into a room, you immediately start looking around, scanning things, checking out people, etc.

You don’t stop to think about why you’re doing those things; you just do them.

With NLP, the key is to ask good questions. If you ask yourself, ‘What am I feeling sad about?’ you might realize there’s something specific that’s bothering you.

Once you’ve identified the problem, you can begin to work towards solving it.

How NLP Can Improve Your Life 

NLP helps us to change our lives because it teaches us how to become conscious of the thoughts we think, the feelings we experience and the actions we take.

When we learn to be aware of those things, we can begin to choose differently. We can start to live consciously rather than unconsciously.


Using NLP techniques on yourself allows you to develop new skills and habits. It will give you an opportunity to improve your life by changing your behavior.

So next time you find yourself stuck or frustrated, try using some methods in this article.

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