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How to TALK to someone’s SUBCONSCIOUS mind

Using Neuro Linguistic Programming I will show you how to talk to someone’s subconscious mind using Embedded Commands!

This is a very powerful tool and the sooner you learn how to use it the sooner you will see your influence over others (and even sales) increase! All the top sales people and marketers on the planet are masters at this language pattern and you can learn this too.

Learn how to talk to someone's subconscious mind using Embedded Commands
Learn how to talk to someone’s subconscious mind using NLP Embedded Commands

The NLP Embedded Command is often inserted into a larger sentence (a more subtle approach) and is delivered in such a way that it bypasses the conscious mind and gets straight to the subconscious mind. Imagine how powerful you will feel when you learn this technique and can influence people on such a deep level!

The result of an embedded command on the receiver of the message is that they feel an undeniable urge to follow the directive of the embedded command hidden within the message, even if they can’t seem to explain why. I’m sure you have experienced this sensation before, haven’t you?

These hidden messages are hard to resist!
These hidden messages are hard to resist!

I’ve already used a few embedded commands in this post but let’s see a very clear example of a sentence with an embedded command now…

One of the things you will love about this blog is that it offers clear, concise instructions on how to perform all the best NLP techniques.

Here the key embedded command is “One of the things you will love…” This implies that you will love this and it will be one of many things you love about this blog. It’s basically telling you what to love.

Another example…

As you consider the benefits of doing an Online NLP course you might like to think of the flexibility, freedom and enjoyment that comes from doing a course from the comfort of your own home!

As you consider…” Implies you are already thinking this over and will ensure that the words which follow are integrated on a much deeper level since I already have your mind set in the place I want you to begin imagining from.

The words you use can make all the difference
The words you use can make all the difference

And if you missed the embedded commands from my opening 3 paragraphs I’ll spell them out loud and clear right now…

Paragraph 1:

The sooner… the sooner…” This gives a degree of urgency to the message and makes the receiver ponder the question… “Well, what am I waiting for?”

Paragraph 2:

Imagine how you… / Imagine yourself…” This is a great one to get the receiver creating their own mental image of how whatever it is you are trying to sell will benefit them and help their dreams come true. It really personalizes the message and gets them feeling like you are speaking directly to them!

Paragraph 3:

“…haven’t you?” This is an example of a Question Tag. Question tags basically use the auxiliary (have/to be/can/will etc.) from the first part of the sentence and switches it to the opposite form (negative/positive) in the second part of the sentence. An example would be “You will come to the party, won’t you?

Well these question tags are actually quite powerful embedded commands and are used in NLP and by people looking to influence others all the time.

They make an assumption that the person will almost certainly choose the option they’ve given and if you add a nodding of the head while delivering this message the chances of the receiver agreeing with you are very high.

Nodding your head while delivering the message makes it even more powerful!
Nodding your head while delivering the message makes it even more powerful!

Advertising and marketing use techniques like this ALL THE TIME to get you to desire their products without even realizing why!

Check out this super interesting article for more details: “11 examples of Advertising and Marketing with Subliminal Messages”

IMPORTANT NOTES on How to talk to someone’s Subconscious Mind

To really deliver embedded commands effectively and talk directly to the subconscious mind you’ll want to BUILD RAPPORT with the person you are dealing with.

This way the important trust factor will be there and they’ll be more open to your persuasions.

Also, if a person is not at all interested in something you are suggesting/offering then you’ll have a hard time making an embedded command work.

This works best with those who are already considering and have some interest in what you are presenting.

some intial interest from the receiver is needed
Some initial interest from the receiver is needed


NLP Embedded Commands are powerful Milton Model language patterns and allow you to talk directly to the subconscious mind by using phrases like…

One of the things you will love…”

“As you consider…”

“The sooner… the sooner…”

“Imagine how you… / Imagine yourself…”

“…haven’t you?”  (Question Tags)

These phrases are usually placed within a longer sentence to deliver the command in a more subtle way and through this type of language you can bypass the conscious part of the brain to talk to your subconscious mind.

As you consider the magic of Embedded commands, Imagine how powerful you will feel when you possess all the incredible NLP techniques like this.

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Thanks to Gerd Altmann and Mimi Thian for the photos 


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