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This article is a must-read for anyone who has a phobia or would like to help someone who does! The technique I’m going to share with you is from Neuro Linguistic Programming and is called the FAST PHOBIA CURE.

Terrified of closed spaces? Spiders or snakes? Maybe it’s heights that give you the heebie-jeebies?

What are you afraid of
What are you afraid of?

Imagine if you didn’t have this crippling phobia and as you consider the amazing freedom and peace of mind that comes with that just know that there is a way to get rid of this fear once and for all… It’s quick, easy and just requires some of your time and concentration.

In this post today I’m going to give you the complete NLP Fast Phobia Cure Script so you can give yourself this gift and share it with your loved ones!

Note: Continue reading ONLY if you are SERIOUS about getting rid of a phobia!

Q: What exactly is a phobia anyway?

A: Good question and let me start by clarifying that a “phobia” is a very strong fear you have that is so crippling that it interferes with your ability to do things in daily life.

An example could be a phobia of elevators when your office is located on the 10th floor of the building. Good exercise to use the stairs, YES, but very impractical to have to do this every day out of fear.

Elevators are a common phobia
Elevators are a common phobia

If you even tried to get in the elevator you would probably start sweating profusely, your heart would feel like it’s beating out of your chest, your breathing would become very quick and shallow and you would start feeling very light-headed.

A feeling of impending doom would envelop you and you would be scrambling like a madman to escape the elevator at all costs!

The faces around you would be showing a mix of pity and incredulity at your extreme overreaction to the situation and they’d probably put 2 and 2 together and realize you have a phobia of elevators (either that or they’ll think you’re some kind of psychic who just foresaw all their deaths in an elevator accident at which point they’d probably kick and scream their way out of the elevator with you!)

Q: How in the world do we get phobias in the first place?

A: We aren’t just born with a phobia, it’s something we install in the hard-drive of our mind thanks to an event which occurred in our past in which the factors of surprise, strong emotional attachment of FEAR and a feeling of not being able to escape were all very much present.

A colleague of mine has a phobia of spiders. If she even thinks about them she immediately begins squirming and starts hitting herself like she’s just escaped the insane asylum and imaginary spiders are crawling all over her!

When we got to the root of the problem we discovered the first memory to which she attached a fear of spiders was when she was a little girl and saw the movie “Arachnophobia“!

As you can see from this example the event doesn’t even have to be a real, personal experience… Scary movies have the power to fuel a phobia as this article shows.

Be careful what films you watch!
Be careful what films you watch!

My colleague explained that when she saw this movie she really felt like she was inside the movie and got so frightened when all the spiders invaded the house at once.

She was not expecting it and she wanted to escape but felt like she couldn’t look away at the same time.

As you can see all 3 elements to create a phobia were present in this situation: SURPRISE/FEAR/CAN’T ESCAPE.

I asked her if she’d tried NLP for phobias and she had no idea what I was talking about and was hesitant about the time we’d have to dedicate to such a thing.

I explained that this is a 5 minute phobia cure and is a quick process which only requires her full and undivided attention during that time.

After my explanation she was willing to give the NLP Phobia Cure a go with me! So we chose a downtime on Friday when it’s always quiet at the office and I did it with her. How did it go? You’ll find out later but before then let’s see the exact Fast Phobia Cure Script that I used with her so you have it at your disposal…


(Before starting this Fast Phobia Cure NLP script establish the phobia your client would like to cure and get them to identify a vivid memory of when this phobia affected them in the past. This memory will be the movie they will watch in the cinema of their mind.)

We are about to step into the movie theatre in your mind
We are about to step into a movie theatre in your mind

#1 – The client needs to be in an environment where they feel safe and comfortable and the NLP Coach needs to be someone they have built a relationship of trust and RAPPORT with.

#2 – Ask the client to close their eyes and get ready to use their imagination. The first thought is to… “Imagine being in front of a movie theatre

#3 – “Now, you enter the cinema and notice there is no-one else there, you have it all to yourself! You go and find a seat in the middle of the cinema. The seat you are sitting on is so comfortable and you feel totally relaxed.”

#4 – “You are going to leave your body now… You float up in the air and you can see your body still sitting below you on that seat in the middle of the cinema, you look relaxed and comfortable.”

#5 – “You are suspended in the air and turn to look at the projection booth. You can see the light shining from this room where the film is being projected from. Float towards this room and straight through the wall like a ghost until you are inside the projection booth.”

#6 – “You look out of the window of the projection booth and can see yourself still sitting down there in the middle row of the cinema,looking at the movie screen and waiting for the film to start.”

#7 – “The movie that will play now is completely in your control. You can stop, start, pause, rewind etc whenever you want! We will now watch the movie of the memory you have chosen where the phobia affected you.”

#8 – “The movie will start at a point a bit before you get the phobia, when you were calm and felt safe. The movie is in colour and if, at any time, you feel like you need to stop you can stop, pause or rewind the movie ok.”

#9 – “When you are ready start the movie…”

#10 – “Watch it all the way through, the movie will end after your phobia moment when you feel calm and safe again.”

(NOTE: Step #10 could take a few goes to get through to the end. Go slowly, be patient and see if you can get a little further through the film each time until the client reaches the end)

#11 – “Now you are safely at the end of the movie you will now watch the film in REVERSE! Starting at the end and finishing at the beginning this time. All the actions will happen backwards until you are safely at the start again.”

#12 – “Now, run the movie super quickly from beginning to end! In 2 seconds you zip through the entire film!”

#13 – “Now, run the movie super quickly from beginning to end again! In 2 seconds you zip through the entire film!”

#14 – “Now, run the movie super quickly from the END to the BEGINNING! In 2 seconds you zip backwards through the entire film!”

#15 – “Watch the movie quickly again but this time as you get towards the phobia part the screen will become as small as a coin!”

#16 – “Watch the movie again slowly but this time it’s going to be quite entertaining. You have circus music in the background, the voices are funny like cartoon characters, there are turtles riding little motorbikes in the background and the things you are worried about are getting squashed and thrown off into space”

#17 – “Run the movie as quickly as you can both forwards and backwards.”

#18 – “Go back now and think about what was originally giving you this “phobia” problem. You will notice that your reaction towards it is now different than it was.”


It took us a little longer than the “five minute phobia cure script” I’d promised her (10 minutes in total) but my colleague didn’t seem to care about that small detail and replied that she felt much calmer imagining a spider now.

Best of all, I could see she really meant it because she looked so relieved!

My colleague's face looked like this
My colleague’s face looked like this

I wanted to really see if it worked though so I printed a picture of a hairy,ugly spider and showed it to her.

Her immediate reaction was one of disgust and she commented on how ugly it was and shuddered!

I was now wondering if it had really worked or not and shared this doubt with her but she just laughed and assured me that if I’d shown her that picture before the session she would have screamed!

All in all, it looks like it actually works and so I highly recommend this Fast Phobia Cure to anyone and everyone looking to free themselves of whatever phobia is crippling them because life is too short and fear should never stop you from living it to the fullest!

This technique is just one of the many ways NLP can help you

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Thanks for the photos: Alexandra Gorn, Fred Kleber, Jeremy Yap, Kyle Smith & Radu Florin

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  2. very convincing and well reserched post. One report suggest that except few very single person has some kind of phobia and they don’t know how to tackle that. People are afraid to visit psychologist or psychiatrist.
    This article will be helpful for such people. A must read and highly recommended article.

    1. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! I agree that we all have our own phobias (some obviously more debilitating than others) and I truly hope this article helps to take away a lot of the power those phobias have over us so we can live life like we’re meant to. I appreciate your words

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