NLP Business Practitioner Courses: The Best Reviewed!

NLP Business Practitioner Courses: The Best Reviewed!

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Neuro Linguistic Programming is becoming more and more recognized as the ultimate secret weapon in the Business World & this explains why so many people are now seeking to get NLP Business Practitioner training and certification. 

So what are the benefits of learning NLP for business and which courses are honestly worth your time and money?

I have made this extensive guide to give you the most comprehensive information on the courses which I feel offer the most value so read on and find out which one is best for YOU!


Why should you learn NLP for Business?

NLP was created in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It’s basically a hybrid mix of psychotherapy and hypnosis which takes the quickest acting techniques to get fast results in changing the mindset of a person.

This is especially useful in the business world where first impressions count and the time needed to close a deal is so tight that you can make or break a deal with your first few words!

NLP techniques such as Matching can help you instantly build rapport with clients. This technique shows you how to mirror another person’s body language whilst subtly notice what communication style they favour and then using the same.

Persuasive language patterns such as Embedded Commands can get you speaking directly to someone’s subconscious! This is a key advantage in sales and when used in conjunction with Meta & Milton Model language patterns your words become extremely influential.

Learning how to wield these tools to your advantage in the work environment can make all the difference to your bottom line and the NLP courses I have chosen to review in this article all use the most potent NLP skills to help you persuade, influence and sell on a whole new level! 

Here is a great video to get you excited about how NLP can take your sales to the next level!


NLP Business Practitioner Course Comparison Guide: Our Course Reviews Format

Trying to work out which Business NLP Training to buy? In this course buying guide, we suggest you check out our comparison chart, understand the different types of courses to decide which is best for you and then check out our reviews of the courses that best suit your requirements.

Courses Comparison Chart

There are many fabulous courses available to buy, all of which teach NLP for business success.

Some certify you to be an NLP Business Coach with a deep focus on NLP business training and the NLP negotiation process whilst others are more specialized in areas like Sales and teach NLP Sales Scripts and NLP Sales phrases.

The following table displays the most recommended courses with different types, price ranges, etc. You can then find more information on all of these with our course reviews below.

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Types of Business NLP Courses

There are three different types of Business NLP Courses, each of which has its pros and cons.


These are the courses which are specifically aimed at people who work in Sales and whilst placing a heavy focus on increasing persuasion and influence they also go much more in-depth with all the whole sales process from the initial meet and greet right through to closing the deal.

Communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is a very important focal point of these courses and an NLP Sales Course will normally deal with all kinds of language patterns from metaphors to hypnotic language. The communication strategies taught not only help to gain rapport with your client but also overcome any objections you may face.

Another great aspect of these courses is the motivational strategies when dealing with clients in order to find what delivery can really get through and reach them on the most profound level. Through NLP strategies a client’s motivational code can be unlocked and once this is tapped into the sale can be made more easier.

You will also be able to unlock your own motivational strategies and set crystal clear goals you feel inspired to achieve.

A good NLP Sales course really covers everything but also offers a special insight into the world of Sales and how NLP can be successfully applied in order to achieve amazing results quickly!


pros e1605455749712Perfect for people who work in Sales 

pros e1605455749712The best NLP communication patterns

pros e1605455749712Learn to tap into each individuals unique motivation style


cons e1605456252154Specific to Sales. Other areas of the business world aren’t given as much attention.

cons e1605456252154Leadership skills and techniques are very rarely taught in these courses.



These courses show you how NLP can be applied in your office and day to day job. 

A typical NLP Business Course usually has a strong focus on people in leadership roles who have to motivate and handle a wide range of people, all of whom have their own motivations and ways of doing business.

Again, communication plays a key role in this course and you will learn all the NLP language patterns taught in the other types of courses. There will be subliminal commands aplenty and you’ll learn how to use these when speaking to a large group of people all at the same time!

There will also be NLP techniques to help colleagues (or yourself even) become “unstuck” and back on track with fresh inspiration, drive and clarity when they hit a wall.

Creating a mission statement for what you want your business to represent and a matching culture that goes along with it is another important feature of these courses which make sure your mission statement and vision are congruently aligned.

NLP success strategies play an important role too, and together with the rest of the content becomes a kind of blueprint to success in the business place, especially for leaders who have to deal with teams of people.


pros e1605455749712Covers a wide range of “Business” skills

pros e1605455749712Perfect course for people in Leadership roles

pros e1605455749712A lot of different NLP Skills are taught in these courses


cons e1605456252154Can sometimes be a “Jack of all trades, Master of none” with a lack of specific details in niche areas like other types of courses offer.

cons e1605456252154If you are an employee without a team or company to run then some of the material is irrelevant



These courses are primarily focused on NLP Language Patterns, especially the Meta and Milton model.

They will teach you the most powerful language tricks imaginable, proven to bypass the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious where the information becomes automatically integrated and processed as accepted truth.

Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis usually play equal parts in the content of a Persuasion course and you will learn a type of mind control through words that focus on personal magnetism and leading others to your desired outcome.

How this is done is through Language Patterns you will learn and through powerful words and tones of voice which could put people into a deep trance.

These courses aren’t only great for those who need to influence in Business but also for life in general since the ability to persuade others is a necessary skill in our day to day lives.


pros e1605455749712Fantastically useful language patterns for any aspect of your life, not just business.

pros e1605455749712So much fun putting the skills you learn into practice, feels like magic!

pros e1605455749712Covers some of the most powerful NLP and Hypnosis techniques around


cons e1605456252154Can be a bit content-heavy

cons e1605456252154Takes time and practice to master this stuff



These courses normally focus on a specific profession in the business world (such as trading) and will provide you insight from those who are already at the top of their game in that particular niche. 

The course content will deal with the mindset needed to succeed in this particular career and will give clear, step-by-step mind growth techniques in which Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis will both play a leading role.

Gaining clarity on your goal and how to achieve it is also an important step in these programs and so too is finding your motivation model and coping mechanisms so you can control your stress levels and thrive under pressure.

These courses are usually a great option for those needing help in a very specific niche business as the information is normally extremely detailed and relevant to that particular profession.


pros e1605455749712Tailored to your exact needs! Focuses on the area of business most relevant to you.

pros e1605455749712Courses are run by people who have achieved success in the same type of business you are looking for results in.

pros e1605455749712These courses teach you the specific mind frame needed for achievement in a particular profession in-depth!


cons e1605456252154By being so specific they are really only relevant to the particular profession which is targeted.

cons e1605456252154Can promise things which sound (and normally are) too good to be true!


Buying Guide: What to look for when choosing Business NLP Training

When selecting what NLP Business Course to purchase, there are a few questions you should ask to decide which course is best for you before you start reading the best NLP courses for Business reviews. 

 1. What type of NLP Business Course are you looking for exactly?

As you can see from the course guide above there are many different types of NLP Business Courses. They range from the all-round business course to super-specific business niches. All teach you amazing NLP techniques to help you in your career but, depending on which aspect of “business” you are more concerned with, your choice can be narrowed down.

 2. What is your price range?

Just as all courses weren’t created equal, the price range for each one can be vastly different! There are courses all the way from $17usd to $1997usd and of course, the quality can often be reflected in the price but this is not always the case. This article will help you see which ones are worth the money but you also have to decide how much you’re willing to spend. 

 3. How’s the course’s Refund Policy?

This will tell you a lot about the confidence the provider of the course has in their product. The longer the policy lasts, obviously the better and you should always be guaranteed a FULL refund if you’re not entirely happy with the course, no questions asked!

 4. Do you have interaction and feedback from the trainers?

This is a huge plus for any course you are considering. You can learn all the best tips and techniques around but without someone to assess you and give you feedback on your progress, it’s very hard to know if you’re really implementing these things properly or not.

 5. Will you receive any official certification upon completion of the course?

This is a nice bonus if you would like something to show on your CV when all the hard work is over. It also means there will most likely be a final assessment at the end of the course which is a great way to see if you’ve truly integrated all the key points of the course.

With good certification, there is more possibility for work in a variety of jobs as this article shows!

What is the Best All-Round NLP Business Practitioner Course on the Market?

INLP Center NLP Sales Practitioner Course

INLP Center NLP Sales Practitioner

Type of Course: NLP Sales Course


Wondering what is the Best All-Round NLP Business Practitioner Course out there? We think it’s the INLP Center NLP Sales Practitioner Course. This course has everything and at a reasonable price. 

Firstly, you will receive a tonne of official certification upon completion of this course; NASP (National Association of Sales Professionals), INA (International NLP Association), BBS (Board of Behavioural Sciences), IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches) & NAADAC (National Certification Commission for Addiction Professionals).

Secondly, the course is run by two amazing trainers. The first is an absolute legend named Adam Defoe who was my favourite trainer during the time I spent with INLP doing my Life Coaching & NLP Master Course. The second is one of the top dogs in the world of NLP, the owner of INLP & an all-around super professional named Mike Bundrant.

The details of the course are as follows…

  • 100% accredited, online NLP sales training
  • 140 Units, 57 Audios, 9 Videos
  • Mindset Builders, Sales Creativity Exercises and special exercises to boost your sales skills
  • Study at your own pace and even start right now
  • Lifetime access to your learning material
  • Created from 25 years of international NLP training experience
  • Fast and effective technical support 7 days a week


You have TWO training options…

1.NLP Sales Training with no certification and no live sessions

Cost = $199


2.NLP Sales Training with the Official Certification of NLP Sales Practitioner and LIVE Training Sessions in Virtual Classrooms on ZOOM.

Costs $399

FULL REFUND granted during the first 7 Days of enrollment as long as the customer has not completed more than two modules of the training course purchased.


pros e1605455749712Really professional operation

pros e1605455749712Easy to use and enjoyable online course setup (menus, student dashboard, etc)

pros e1605455749712Soooo much material (videos, pdfs, assignments etc).

pros e1605455749712Trainers are such friendly and experienced experts in NLP and Business world

pros e1605455749712Amazing level of interaction between trainers and students

pros e1605455749712You join a lively and active social network community with other students

pros e1605455749712FULL CERTIFICATION as an NLP Sales Practitioner (accredited by many highly respected governing bodies)

pros e1605455749712Reasonably priced when compared with the competition


cons e1605456252154Only really worth doing the second “training option” since the first includes no certification and no live sessions.

cons e1605456252154The refund policy only lasts for 7 days and is rejected if you’ve completed two modules of the course. 

Our Verdict …This is an amazing course where you’ll have complete interaction with both teachers and other students as well as lots of great material (videos, pdfs, assignments etc).

The trainers are wonderful people and so good at what they do, they’ll make you feel so motivated and teach you a lot!

INLP is super professional, they set the standard for online courses in this industry and are 100% legit and regulated which is why they are our #1 pick.

Score:  8/10

INLP Center NLP Sales Practitioner course: SIGN UP NOW

What is the Most Comprehensive NLP Business Course on the Market?

Business Breakthrough Online Training Course

business breakthrough course

Type of Course: NLP Business Course


If you are really serious about learning all you can about NLP in the business world from one of the best in the business then this is the course for you. It is hands-down the most comprehensive on the market!

This is a comprehensive Business NLP Toolkit and the quality and depth of information here is unparalleled anywhere else! The person who runs this course is Britain’s foremost business and NLP trainer, Michael Breen.

He is a big name in the world of NLP and Business and worked alongside the Co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, to create this special program for business people only!

This course has had RAVE reviews since its inception and is constantly claimed to be “The BEST business course ever“…

Business Breakthrough is based on the live courses Michael Breen has run in London which cost around $2,830 per seat!

The details of the course are as follows…

What you receive when purchasing this course is:

  • Business Breakthrough Recordings (Module 1 and Module 2)

Course Module 1: Nine Hours Of Professionally Edited VIDEO
Course Module 2: Thirteen Hours Of Digitally Remastered AUDIO

  • Seven Business-Focused Masterclass Events

7 Executive Level Career Advancing Programs:
Masterclass #1: The Trusted Adviser
Masterclass #2: How To Become A Better Leader
Masterclass #3: The One Strategy That Always Works
Masterclass #4: Skilled Communicator
Masterclass #5: Dynamic Persuasion, Part 1
Masterclass #6: Dynamic Persuasion, Part 2
Masterclass #7: Going Pro

  • Comprehensive training assignments

20 Training Assignments that help you internalize some of the principles and techniques that Michael is teaching and demonstrating.

  • Exclusive reference manual

68- page reference manual that you can use to brush up your skills or use as a reference.


Business Breakthrough Online Training Course

Cost = $1997

FULL REFUND granted during the first 30 days of your purchase. This 30 Day “Test Drive” policy means that if you’re not 110% happy with this product… you can get every single penny back within 30 days of paying for the course. So really you have nothing to lose by trying out this product!


pros e1605455749712Michael Breen! The trainer who instructs you during this course is none other than arguably the best NLP in Business trainers in Britain. His reputation and knowledge are immense and you can be sure the quality is always top shelf with this guy.

pros e1605455749712So much amazing information! It will take you a good while to get through all the goodies this course has to offer. He covers EVERYTHING and leaves no stone unturned in giving you all the tips and techniques you need.

pros e1605455749712Great refund policy! 30 days and no limit on how much material you can go through during that time. 

pros e1605455749712The co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler, helped create this course so you know the information is going to be as true to the fundamental principles of NLP as any course on the market.

pros e1605455749712Michael Breen has been teaching this stuff for a long time and he really knows his stuff. The material in this course is an accumulation of his best tips, tricks and techniques from all his years giving super expensive seminars which were constantly booked out for a reason!


cons e1605456252154The Price! It is the most expensive course on this list and not everyone has the budget to afford this.

cons e1605456252154No official certification upon completion. This is a course for you to gain knowledge and put it into use for your own benefit. This is not a course to get a certificate for your CV.

cons e1605456252154No direct access to Michael Breen, any trainers or assessments. This means you may have some unanswered questions and could be left wondering if you are applying the techniques properly.

Our Verdict … The fact Michael Breen is the guy who teaches you in this course makes it extremely valuable and legit. The co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler is a big fan of his work and has put his seal of approval on this course.

There is also just SO MUCH material here and all of it is absolute quality and applicable to the world of business today.

The way Michael teaches NLP to you is second to none and for information alone, it stands out as the best on this list.

However this course is definitely not for the faint-hearted and you receive no official certification upon completion, nor do you have direct access to Michael or any trainers for feedback and assessment of your progress along the way.

This course is great if you are self-motivated and want the best info that’s out there but if you need your hand to be held more along the way then this course might not be for you.

Score:  7.5/10

Business Breakthrough Online Training Course: SIGN UP NOW

What is the Best Cheap NLP Business Course on the Market?

Extreme Business Success Coach Course

Extreme Business Success Coach course

Type of Course: NLP Business Course


If the idea of a super cheap course with great NLP-related business material sounds interesting then this could be just what you’ve been looking for!

This course is run by Dr. Steve G. Jones (a big name in NLP and Hypnotherapy) and Dr. Joe Rubino (Best Selling Author and Business Coach).

Don’t be put off by the intro video on the website which is a little outdated and seems to be shot in the 80s. The information in this course is just as relevant today as it was back in the days of David Bowie and Madonna.

It even includes certification which can make your CV look all the more impressive upon completion.

The details of the course are as follows…

The course includes:

  • Instant access to Dr. Steve and Dr. Joe’s 104-page manual
  • 2 hours of video training
  • 2 hours of screencast presentations
  • 6 hours of audio training 

It takes about 2-3 weeks to finish the course if you move quickly by studying the material on a daily basis and there is a test to complete when you reach the end of the course which will determine whether you receive certification.

You must pass the test that is included at the end of the certification course with a score of 75% or better. If you fail you have a max of 3 times to pass. If you don’t pass all three times, you will be charged a $25 fee for another 3 chances and so on.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be certified as an Extreme Business Success Coach by the American Union of NLP who will provide you with lifetime support.

You will also be listed on the International online list of Certified Extreme Business Success Coaches which will help promote you online.


Extreme Business Success Coach Course

Cost = $17

FULL REFUND granted during 60 days! If you really went for it you could even finish the course and ask for your money back before the policy expired! However, I ask you not to do this if you feel the course was worth it. After all, it’s only $17 we are talking about… They are practically giving it away!


pros e1605455749712Dirt cheap! For the price of a good pizza, you can learn some of the best lessons on how to apply NLP in Business.

pros e1605455749712The refund policy is unreal! You have 60 days to ask for your money back, no questions asked, if you feel it wasn’t worth your time and money.

pros e1605455749712Certification! Upon completion of this course, you become a certified Extreme Business Success Coach by the American Union of NLP.


cons e1605456252154Appears a little outdated, shows its age with its presentation.

cons e1605456252154Not a lot of material (about 10 hours in total). Not nearly as comprehensive as other courses on this list.

Our Verdict This is an extremely economic and affordable course that includes a fantastic ebook, audios and videos from two highly respected figures in the world of NLP and Business and which provides official certification upon completion.

You will have to prove you know your stuff upon completion before receiving your certificate which is to be expected but if you follow the course properly and take notes you shouldn’t have a problem doing this.

Although this course appears to be a little outdated from the intro video the principles taught here are still 100% relevant to today’s business world and the NLP and Hypnosis techniques you will learn are just as effective nowadays as they were back then.

This is unbelievably good value for money and a great way to get certified and dip your toe into the world of NLP in business.

Score:  7/10

Extreme Business Success Coach Course: SIGN UP NOW

What is the Best Persuasion NLP Business Course on the Market?

Power of Persuasion Course

Power of Persuasion course

Type of Course: NLP Persuasion Course


It’s not a good sign when the introduction video on the website doesn’t even seem to be working and in all honesty, the background also looks pretty tacky.

I was ready to discard this from the list pretty much straight away but decided to give it a fair chance and not judge a book by its cover.

I’m glad I did this because it’s actually a decent course and the best on this list in terms of sheer specificity in the realm of Persuasion in business!

This is a course from Michael Lee, a persuasion expert, certified NLP practitioner, hypnotist, professional copywriter and life coach.

It has been designed in a format where you can finish the whole course in 20 days or less.

The idea is to simply finish one chapter a day, then practice the principles as you go about that day. (If you have a lot of spare time, you could even read or listen to more than one chapter in a day).

The promise made is that within 20 days, you’ll be a persuasion expert with the amazing ability to rocket your business or career, win lots of friends, enhance your relationships, mesmerize the opposite sex, and persuade anyone to do what you want.

The details of the course are as follows…

The course consists of:

  • 20 chapters (418 pages) of information

The information in this course is heavily based on language patterns and techniques from NLP.

  • Assertiveness Maker Audio (a powerful 17-minute hypnosis recording that will automatically transform you into a highly assertive (yet very likable) person).
  • How To Be A Master Communicator: Speak Effectively In Any Situation (Ebook)
  • How To Set Your Motivation on Fire (includes both audio and eBook version!)
  • Revolutionary Positive Thinking (Ebook)
  • Art and Science Of Personal Magnetism (Ebook)

+ another incredible extra is…

  • Lifetime Consultation with Michael Lee.

He gives you his personal VIP email address which is exclusive for his customers only. This email address is his top priority. You can email him anytime you encounter any serious problem or have any crucial questions regarding persuasion.


Power of Persuasion Course

Cost = $57

FULL REFUND granted during the first 60 days from purchase. This is an unreal guarantee that ensures you have more than enough time to really go through all the material and decide whether it’s worth your money or not. 


pros e1605455749712The REFUND POLICY gives such confidence in how much faith he has that you will love his course. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the Expert Persuader Program he’ll give you a FULL Refund and Allow you to keep EVERYTHING in the course for free!

pros e1605455749712Communicate with the trainer any time, forever! Course creator, Michael Lee, gives you his personal email address and a lifetime guarantee he will respond to any and every question you may have related to persuasion and the things taught in his course.

pros e1605455749712Niches down wonderfully into the specific area of Persuasion! This course will give you the fine details on Persuasion and doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades but master of none.


cons e1605456252154Very short course! In only 20 days you can have it finished, and that’s taking it slowly. A lot of reading is involved so it also depends on how fast you can read but all in all it lacks the depth of many other courses on this list.

cons e1605456252154No official certification upon completion. This is a course for you to gain knowledge and put it into use for your own benefit. This is not a course to get a certificate for your CV.

Our Verdict … This course is essentially a series of ebooks + audios and it has a lot of great reviews from respected people in their industries. To be fair, it actually does contain amazing depth and covers all the best persuasion techniques in a really down-to-earth and relatable writing style.

The downside is it’s quite a short course and you won’t be officially “certified” in anything upon completion.

You will, however, have learned some amazing NLP and Hypnosis persuasion techniques that really work and can have a big impact on your life if used with a clear purpose.

Score:  6.5/10

Power of Persuasion Course: SIGN UP NOW

What is the Easiest for Beginners NLP Business Course on the Market?

Sales Success Made Simple Training Kit

Sales Success Made Simple Training Kit

Type of Course: NLP Sales Course


If the name “Brian Tracy” rings a bell then maybe it’s due to one of his best-selling books “Earn What You’re Really Worth”, Eat That Frog!” or “No Excuses!”

He has over 80 books to his name which have been translated for audiences all over the globe and is a very recognized figure in the world of personal development and motivational speaking.

He also has many online courses available but this one in particular, “Sales Success Made Simple” stands out for anyone trying to get real, actionable strategies to improve their business performance.

It is extremely useful in identifying the difference between high-quality and not-so-high-quality leads and prospects so you dramatically increase your odds of getting a “yes” whenever you make a sales call.

The fact that Brian Tracy has written so many books over the years is reflected in the readability of the material in this course.

It’s not just informative but also really well-written and enjoyable.

He goes into the mental side of building client relationships and also the practical side of the exact methods needed to close deals and increase your income.

The details of the course are as follows…

When you purchase the “Sales Success Made Simple Training Kit” you will receive:

  • 14 MP3s
  • a Digital PDF Workbook
  • a 3 Month Trial of the Brian Tracy University.

The testimonials from users of this training kit are so positive.

They rave about the course and the way Brian Tracy so skilfully delivers the content.

He is a successful author and motivational speaker for a reason and when you start listening to him and reading his words you’ll understand why!


Sales Success Made Simple Training Kit 

Cost = $177

FULL REFUND granted during the first 30 days from purchase. If you aren’t completely satisfied he will return all your money, no questions asked. So really there is nothing to lose if it sounds like what you are looking for!


pros e1605455749712Such an enjoyable delivery of content! Brian Tracy is a master with words and grabbing people’s attention and I guarantee you will never feel bored when going through his material.

pros e1605455749712Simple explanations are perfect for beginners! Just as the title of this course suggests, Tracy has made the course accessible to people with no background in NLP or Sales by using easy-to-understand language and examples.

pros e1605455749712Fantastic if you work in Sales! This is a course that helps you turn that “no” into a “yes” so if this is the type of work you have to do in your business then it’s specifically aimed at you!

pros e16054557497123 months to try out the Brian Tracy University! Upon purchasing this course you will receive this great extra which allows you 3 whole months of access to a whole library of other fantastic resources from the Brian Tracy University.


cons e1605456252154No face-to-face guidance from any trainers. It’s hard to know if you are implementing his steps correctly without any feedback 

cons e1605456252154No assessments. Since there are no tests or exams it’s very hard to gauge your progress.

cons e1605456252154No official certification upon completion. This is a course for you to gain knowledge and put it into use for your own benefit. This is not a course to get a certificate for your CV.

Our Verdict … This is a very fun and enjoyable course which is perfect for those of you working in Sales! The presentation is fantastic and the NLP techniques on persuasion and influencing are super powerful.

Unfortunately, it lacks some trainer support and certification whilst also not being as cheap as others on this list. The 30-day money-back guarantee makes it definitely worth checking out though and Brian Tracy is worth the admission price alone!

Score:  6.5/10

Sales Success Made Simple Training Kit: SIGN UP NOW

What is the Best Market Trading NLP Business Course on the Market?

30 Day Trading Transformation Course

30 Day Trading Transformation Course

Type of Course: NLP Niche Business Course


This is a Self-coaching Program For Market Traders and was created by Alwin Ng.
Alwin Ng is a full-time currency trader and transformation coach who is a certified master practitioner in both NLP and Hypnosis.

If you’ve ever dabbled in trading before you’ll know that psychology is so important if you want success in this sector.

There are many psychological issues that interfere with the trading process including resistance, fear of failure, defensive behavior, negative self-characterizations and negative mindsets that become self-fulfilling prophecies.

This course is like a psychological armor you can put on before going to battle with the mind games in the world of Trading and this course will mostly benefit those of you who have been trading the market for one year (or more).

Unlike some of the other courses on this list, the 30DTT is a PROGRAM and not just a book.

There are exercises every day for 30 days.

Pending on the task for that day, you may even have 4-5 exercises a day.

There is so much coaching to do that you also have an “Answer” workbook to keep track of your progress.

The details of the course are as follows…

What you get once enrolled in the course is:

  • the PDFs for the “30 day Trading Transformation” Ebook
  • The 30DTT Workbook


Self-coaching Program For Market Traders 

Cost = $39.99

FULL REFUND granted during the first 60 days from purchase! One of the best Refund Policies on this list and more than enough time to decide whether Alwin Ng deserves your money or not.


pros e1605455749712Niches down wonderfully into the specific area of Market Trading! This course will give you the fine details on Market Trading and doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades but master of none. It’s also honest about the fact that those who’ll benefit most from this course are people who have been trading the market for one year (or more).

pros e1605455749712It’s cheap! For the price of a night out with your partner in a restaurant, you can learn some of the best lessons on how to apply NLP in Market Trading and potentially make enough money to eat out every night in the future!

pros e1605455749712Alwin Ng is a full-time currency trader! This course is run by a man who has achieved success in the same type of business you are looking for results in. He not only talks the talk but also walks the walk!

pros e1605455749712The Refund Policy gives you 60 days to decide whether you ask for your money back or not. This is a no-risk deal which means if you aren’t completely satisfied it’s worth your dollars you can get it all back no questions asked.


cons e1605456252154No face-to-face guidance from any trainers. It’s hard to know if you are implementing the steps in this program correctly without any feedback 

cons e1605456252154No assessments. Since there are no tests or exams it’s very hard to gauge your progress.

cons e1605456252154No official certification upon completion. This is a course for you to gain knowledge and put it into use for your own benefit. This is not a course to get a certificate for your CV.

cons e1605456252154Very short course! In only 30 days you will have finished this course. Not necessarily a bad thing and for this price, you wouldn’t expect much longer but it can still feel like it’s over a little too quickly.

Our Verdict …This is the perfect course for anyone looking to learn how to control your mind for success in the world of Market Trading. Anyone who has traded the market will know it’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions and as Warren Buffet said “If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.” This course will teach you tried and tested NLP techniques to do just that.

Score:  6/10

30 Day Trading Transformation Course: SIGN UP NOW

Worthy Mention…

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course

Type of Course: NLP Persuasion Course


Internationally Acclaimed Best Selling NLP Persuasion Skills Author Rintu Basu has designed this course to teach you how to command attention, get people to say yes and generate more business.

The course is a transcript of a three hours Persuasion Skills on Steroids Seminar and combines both NLP and hypnosis.

Rintu Basu is fantastic at delivering the material in a jargon-free way that is easily understood, even for the uninitiated.

The whole course is transcribed and you will have complete access to notes deconstructing the action, why Rintu made the choices he made and how you can adapt the patterns for your own use.

Throughout the course, there are hundreds of examples of embedded commands, hypnotic language patterns, demonstrations of covertly applying anchors and managing conversations.

The details of the course are as follows…

When you download the course you will get:

  • A PDF Report (105 pages) that includes the whole seminar transcribed and Rintu’s notes deconstructing the whole thing.
  • Mp3s &/or Videos of the entire seminar (3 hours of material).


Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course

Cost = $297

FULL REFUND granted during the first 60 days if you are not happy with the product in any way.


pros e1605455749712Rintu Basu! This guy is the bestselling author of the Persuasion Skills Black Book and is an internationally acclaimed training consultant who specializes in NLP, hypnosis and psychological persuasion skills. He is the real deal and is a fantastic teacher to be learning from in the course.

pros e1605455749712Super easy to understand! Although the concepts he is explaining are quite complex he delivers the information in a way that makes it so easy to comprehend. No prior knowledge of NLP or Hypnosis is needed to fully grasp all the ideas he presents.

pros e1605455749712Very powerful techniques! Some of the most effective NLP skills are taught to you throughout this course. They include Anchors, Hypnotic Language Patterns and Embedded Commands.

pros e1605455749712Niches down wonderfully into the specific area of Persuasion! This course will give you the fine details on Persuasion and doesn’t try to be a jack of all trades but master of none.


cons e1605456252154The price! Although cheaper than others on this list it’s actually quite expensive when you consider you are basically just paying to watch videos (or listen to audios) and read notes.

cons e1605456252154No interaction with Rintu or trainers! For this price, I would expect interaction and live training from Rintu himself or at least some highly qualified trainers.

cons e1605456252154No certification upon completion! I would also expect some sort of assessment and official certification upon completion which is not the case.

Our Verdict …Rintu is a highly respected guy in the world of NLP and watching him you can see why but for this price I’m not sure if I’d be paying this much just to watch him online.

Score:  5.5/10

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course: SIGN UP NOW

NLP Business PDFs for FREE

Here are some awesome NLP Business PDFs for free. Click on the links below to download and Enjoy them guys! I’m sure they’ll help you immensely with your negotiations and client relations.

NLP for Instant Connections with Clients

NLP to Speak to your Clients Subconscious

Further NLP Online Certification

If you’re already thinking about even further NLP Online Certification then my all-time favourite Online NLP provider, the INLP Center, offers the following courses which are certified by the International NLP Association & the International Coach Association among others. They have the best NLP Trainers around and an amazing community of international students all sharing the same journey as you!

NLP Practitioner Training

This is perfect if you just want to dip your toe into the world of NLP to see if it’s for you.

NLP Master Practitioner Training

If you already have the NLP Practitioner certificate then this course is the next level up which takes you to mastery. This is the best NLP Master Practitioner training around.

NLP Combo Training

This course includes both the Practitioner and Master Training.

Hypnosis Practitioner

If Hypnosis is something that interests you as much as it does me then I highly recommend this course to become a certified hypnotist.

NLP Master & Life Coach Training

Become a certified Life Coach with this fantastic course.

NLP Master & Life Coach Premium Training

This is the ultimate course in my opinion.

It includes the following certification: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, Certified Life Coach, Hypnosis Training & Business Building System

Read about my experience with this course and see why I am now a raving fan of it!

Further Learning

If you just want to learn more about NLP before making any commitment to a course then NLP Keys is the perfect website for you. I highly suggest you START HERE to find out step-by-step just how amazing the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming really is.

Feel free to CONTACT me any time if you have any questions, suggestions, requests or just plain want to chat 🙂

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the very best luck on your journey, wherever it takes you.

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