5 ways NLP can help you

5 AMAZING ways NLP can help you

When someone tells you Neuro Linguistic Programming is a way of reprogramming your mind for success and NLP can help you with all things in your life you might think “Wow, that sounds great, where do I sign up?” or, more skeptically… “That sounds a bit too good to be true!“.
Either way, you’ll still be left asking yourself the question… “How exactly is NLP going to do that?

Good question! In today’s article I will tell you 5 clear ways NLP can help you in your life. There are obviously a lot more ways NLP can help but I am going to stick to the top 5 which have helped me the most, personally, in achieving success and happiness in my own life.

So without further ado, let’s get into it…

#5: Building amazing rapport with others

There is a technique in NLP called “Matching” which shows you how to very subtly mirror the actions and language of the person you’re speaking with and, through this, build an instant connection with the other person.

This is such a useful thing because like it or not we have to deal with other people each and every day of our lives and these relationships are sometimes extremely important for us (friends, boss, business partners, lovers, parents in-law etc).

NLP can help you to connect more deeply with others
NLP can help you to connect more deeply with others

NLP can give us the tools to connect deeply with other people without the need of years of relationship and getting to know each other. It’s like a cheat code to creating rapport and, as such, is invaluable.

Read this step-by-step guide to “Matching”!

#4: Stopping bad habits for good

If you’ve tried to stop biting your fingernails, smoking, eating junk food or anything you deem unproductive to your ideal self then NLP is a great tool to do this!

There is a very powerful technique called the “Swish Pattern” which can reprogram your mind to stop doing this action instantly!

It involves finding the cue which then triggers you to do that action and associating it with another action instead so that the next time you find yourself faced with that cue your automatic reaction is now something positive instead of the previously negative automated response you had installed before.

NLP can help you to stop bad habits
NLP can help you to stop bad habits

If done correctly you can be free of any vice you once had and it’s something so automatic that you don’t even have to make a conscious effort to do so.

This can help you become the ideal self you want to be, one you feel proud of and whose actions are no longer uncontrollable.

Learn the Swish Pattern for yourself with this Step by Step Guide!

#3: Creating unstoppable confidence

NLP is soooo good at creating states of emotion on demand through it’s famous technique… The Anchor.

Basically, this is when you imagine a scenario which creates an emotional response you would like to replicate and, by concentrating on that mental image in your head and truly recognizing how you SEE, HEAR and FEEL it, you can then create an anchor through a specific audio, visual or kinisthetic cue (like squeezing your fingers together for example) which will allow you to feel that emotion at will.

NLP can help you with your self confidence
NLP can help you with your self confidence

For example; by imagining a scenario in which you were supremely confident in the past (perhaps it was when you did an exam which you had studied a lot for and you went in knowing you were ready and self-assured) and taking close note of the Modalities (Visual, Audio, Kinisthetic) and Sub-Modalities (Specifics of each of the Modalities eg: Bright, Far, Black and White, Loud noise etc) you can then truly experience that feeling again and at the peak of the emotion you can set a powerful anchor which can act like a superpower to put you into that desired state when activated in any real-life situation from then on.

Read exactly how to set a Powerful Anchor, Step-by-Step!

#2: Overcoming crippling phobias

This is one of my personal favourites since it shows that NLP can literally help you beat a fear you never thought you’d be able to confront.

Through double disassociation from the imagined scenario; achieved through positioning yourself as the viewer in the projection room of a cinema – watching yourself sitting in the cinema below – who in turn is watching another YOU in the film running on the screen (I know it might sound a bit crazy but stay with me!) you can distant yourself enough to be able to deal with the fearful scenario which is causing your crippling phobia.

You can then play around with the movie, running it backwards and forwards really quickly, putting on funny background music and changing it to black and white.

NLP can help you beat your fears!
NLP can help you beat your fears!

All of this takes the power away from that previously terrifying imagined situation and allows you to then be able to face it in real life without fear.

Amazing stuff I know!

Learn the NLP Fast Phobia Cure technique for yourself by reading this great Step-by-Step guide!

#1: Choosing the way you want to view any situation

“Life happens for me, not to me!”

If you are a fan of personal development then you have most likely heard the phrase above before.

Basically, it is a decision of thought which says “I choose to see all things that happen in my life as things that are for my benefit (even if that benefit is not so clear right now).

This is a “Life happens FOR me” mentality.

A “Life happens TO me”mentality, on the other hand, would say “Why is this happening to me! I’ve got such bad luck and if only such and such had happened instead I would be happy right now.”

Einstein famously said “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”.

As you can see from the two mentality differences above one believes the world is friendly and the other hostile and as such will live their lives accordingly.

One will live with faith, optimism and hope while the other will have a mentality of hostility, fear and scarcity.

No prizes for guessing which one will be happier, inspire others and as a result be able to achieve more in life.

NLP can help you view the world and your circumstances in any way you wish through techniques like “Mapping Across” in which you can change the Modalities (ways you see, hear and feel things) in your mind toward a situation so that it matches a much more positive and inspiring one.

What this does is automatically shift the way you feel about the previously depressing situation and gives you a much lighter and optimistic view of it going forward.

It’s truly incredible how, just by tweaking the way you have an image in your head about something, you can change the way you think about it.

NLP can help you change your mindset
NLP can help you change your mindset

If you want to live with a smile on your face and a spring in your step then this is for you!

Unfortunately there are things we have to do in our day to day life which we don’t enjoy but this doesn’t mean we have to compound the suffering by torturing ourselves mentally whilst doing it.

NLP shows us that we can change the way we think about anything, allowing us to live our life in a much more positive way.

Learn more about “Mapping Across” here!


As you can see, NLP is a fantastic tool to help you with problems we all face in our day to day grind and through these techniques you too can give yourself an amazing advantage in living a life you love and one which is designed, on purpose, by you!

Please let me know if you agree with the list in the comments or if you would have added, taken away or changed the order of the 5 key ways NLP can help you in your life which I have mentioned above.

If you would like to learn more of these things for yourself and become an Internationally Certified NLP Master then click the link HERE to learn more about what I can honestly say is the BEST COURSE I’ve ever done not just in terms of helping others but also helping myself!

Much love



  1. Great advice Mike, I’ve been loving the content on this webpage and it’s great to see your passion shine through in these articles!
    I’m going to stop biting my nails thanks to step 2 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for all your support Dave! Really glad you relate to this stuff and I’ll do my best to keep churning it out 🙂

  2. Your content hits all of the key points and inspired me to want to take a deeper dive into NLP. Please write more!

    1. Thanks so much Kristen for taking the time out to write that comment, I really appreciate it! So glad you found the article inspiring and I’m currently over half way through writing 20 new blog posts for the site all showing clear and easy-to-follow ways that NLP can help with many different sore points we all have. I’ll be publishing them very soon so stay tuned and keep up the great work on your blog too, I checked it out and it looks amazing 😁

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