The 13 Best Books on NLP for BUSINESS

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Neuro Linguistic Programming can be a great tool to improve your chances of success in the business world and in this article I’ll be giving you a list of the BEST books on NLP for Business you will find!

Not only can these books help you in relationships with others (like Building Irresistible Rapport with a Client) but also by giving you real, applicable techniques to develop that winning mindset that all the really succesful people have!

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NLP Business Masterclass: Driving peak performance with NLP (2nd Edition)
Author: David Molden

In a nutshell… Practical info that you can put into use!

NLP Keys rating:  NLP Business Masterclass - amazon star rating

The author, David Molden, is an experienced figure in the world of both NLP and business, having been a Peak Performance Mentor with business teams, CEO’s and managers across a variety of sectors and in many different countries.

In this book he shows he knows what he’s talking about with an easy to follow and thoroughly useful dive into how practical use of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques can really pay off in the world of business.

He has also called on the collaboration of other experts to help give this book a really polished and well-researched feel which just adds to the overall quality of what can only be described as a must-read for anyone looking to apply NLP to a business setting. Highly recommended!

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NLP at Work: The Essence of Excellence, 3rd Edition (People Skills for Professionals)
Author: Sue Knight

In a nutshell… Super clear and easy to follow

NLP Keys rating: NLP at Work - amazon star rating

This is widely considered one of the best books on NLP for business floating around nowadays (many say it’s THE BEST). Sue Knight is a highly respected figure in Neuro Linguistic Programming and her ability to strip away all the confusing jargon sometimes associated with NLP writings has made this book accesible to all as well as being an easy and enjoyable read.

This is a fantastic book for those readers who want the most user-friendly experience possible to jump into NLP and find out how it can benefit their business.

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NLP in Business
Author: Peter Freeth

In a nutshell… In depth advice and exercises

NLP Keys rating: NLP in Business - goodreads star rating

Peter Freeth has almost 30 years experience working with major global corporations such as HP, Barclays and Google and during a good chunk of this time he has been working as an NLP coach and implementing his knowledge in the world of business with great results.

This book is a reflection of that and provides full, in-depth sections devoted to a range of valuable business applications. It even has a full index and set of references to help you find exactly what you need, whenever you need it!

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Influencing With Integrity
Author: Genie Z. Laborde

In a nutshell… Straightforward and methodological

NLP Keys rating: Influencing With Integrity - amazon star rating

This book has been praised as giving confidence to those who read it because the NLP techniques are explained in such an easy to grasp way and the scenarios in which to use these in a business setting are so straightforward that anyone feels like they could do it. Dr Genie Z. Laborde also writes in a very down-to-earth way which makes the content feel accesible to all. A definite thumbs up, especially to those of you who work in management or sales positions in your company.

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The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP! (Revised Edition)
Author: Duane Lakin

In a nutshell… Aimed directly at SALES

NLP Keys rating: The Unfair Advantage - amazon star rating

This book cuts out the theory and focuses on a brilliant compilation of techniques based on a workshop that has been presented to CEOs and sales professionals in over 500 companies in North America and England. It is made up of exercises which, through completion, will train you in the ways of NLP usage in direct sales and telemarketing. Tried and tested methods that have led to a significant performance increase in these areas and, of course, a lot more money in your pocket as a result.

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Business NLP for Dummies
Author: Lynne Cooper

In a nutshell… Visually appealing and highly enjoyable

NLP Keys rating: Business NLP For Dummies - amazon star rating

It’s a well-known fact that the “Dummies” series of books are very well written and very good reads and Business NLP for Dummies is no exception. It’s extremely appealing visually, chunks the information nicely and has clear examples and exercises. This book is also a great primer for NLP concepts and introduces newbies really accomodatingly into such things as Milton models and Meta models. It’s practical and enjoyable, a must-have to become familiar with NLP and it’s role in the business world.

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Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence 2nd edition

Author: Shelle Rose Charvet

In a nutshell… Focused on the WAY we communicate

NLP Keys rating: Words That Change Minds - amazon star rating

This book focuses it’s attention specifically on META programs (the way you interpret and process information such as the words someone says to you, that then leads to the way you subsequently react and the internal representations that are formed). Please don’t be put off by MY explanation of META programs because this author writes in a much more informal and approachable style and you don’t need any prior knowledge of NLP in order to understand it perfectly and learn just how powerful purposeful communication is for business.

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Persuasion Engineering

Authors: Richard Bandler and John La Valle

In a nutshell… How to persuade people and sell them things!

NLP Keys rating: People Pattern Power - amazon star rating

An amazing book for salespeople! This book treats persuasion as a serious science and is written in a storyteller-like way. It also provides a great overview of NLP and is written by one of the two original creators of NLP, Richard Bandler. Covering everything from the sales process through to the close this book will show you how your communication style in business scenarios can be the difference between success and failure and how Neuro Linguistic Programming gives you the upper hand in these situations. A real classic, definitely one of the best books on NLP for Business out there and it’s from the NLP creator himself, Richard Bandler!

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People Pattern Power: P3 : The Nine Keys to Business Success

Authors: Marilyne Woodsmall and Wyatt Woodsmall

In a nutshell… How to deal with others succesfully!

NLP Keys rating: People Pattern Power - amazon star rating

Another great book to learn about Meta programs in a business context. It’s an easy-to-read book which breaks down the key lessons into 9 keys:
1. How people cope with change, 2. What are people’s primary interests, 3. How people deal with information, 4. How people evaluate things, 5. How they take decisions, 6. What motivates them, 7. What their values are, 8. How they organise their work & 9. their use of time.
It provides a great way to learn about how people motivate themselves and how they organise their thinking and their way of working. An absolute must-have for anyone who wants to be succesful in dealing with others.

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Objections! Objections! Objections!

Author: Gavin Ingham

In a nutshell… Turn No into YES!

NLP Keys rating: Objections! Objections! Objections! - goodreads star rating

Gavin Ingham is a business speaker who has worked with top CEOs and huge companies such as Spotify and Microsoft so this guy knows what he is talking about.
He runs sales training and sales seminars which you’d have to pay a motzah to attend but in this book he has given away his best objection handling techniques and NLP plays a big part since he is also an NLP Master Practioner.
This is an absolute bible for those salespeople who have to deal with rejection on a constant basis. Gavin shows you how to turn those objections into sales and provides so many priceless tips that I give it my full endorsement.

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Presenting Magically: Transforming Your Stage Presence with NLP

Authors: Tad James & David Shephard

In a nutshell… Brilliant Business Presentations

NLP Keys rating: Presenting Magically - amazon star rating

This is a wonderful book which shows you how to own the stage. It focuses on key areas such as; how to connect with your audience, structure your language, use metaphors and even handle hecklers!
Anyone who has to present ANYTHING in front of a crowd shouldn’t miss out on this book!
Thanks to the great delivery and use of NLP techniques, this book gives you the tools to be calm and effective when it comes time to present.
In short, this book is magic!

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Ahead of the Game: How to Use Your Mind to Win in Sport

Author: Jeremy Lazarus

In a nutshell… NLP in a competitive environment

NLP Keys rating: Ahead of the Game - amazon star rating

Although this isn’t, strictly speaking, a business book there are key concepts covered in terms of Neuro Linguistic Programming: Helping you to improve your performance under pressure and perfoming to the peak of your abilities when it’s showtime can be easily applied to those looking for this type of drive and focus for in the business arena.
In his book, Lazarus takes you through NLP techniques and approaches step by step, and provides a heap of practical exercises and examples of how these techniques have been used to great effect.
Despite this book being aimed at improving results in a sports context, most of the techniques equally apply to business or any other area where people wish to improve their performance which is why it deserves to be considered as one of the best books on NLP for Business.

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Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies

Authors: Romilla Ready and Kate Burton

In a nutshell… Simple summary of NLP

NLP Keys rating: Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies - amazon star rating

Ok, so there is already a “for Dummies” book on this list and it’s specifically aimed at NLP for Business but I couldn’t help mentioning this one as well since it’s packed with such great information on Neuro Linguistic Programming and presented in such a visually friendly way.
It’s just such a great reference book and summary of NLP to have handy whenever you need to cross-check anything NLP related. It also contains some really useful resource guides at the end.
This is a great book to accompany any of the others I’ve mentioned in the list of the Best Books on NLP for Business above!

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NLP is such a fascinating world to get into and learn about because it benifits us in every aspect of our lives.

Your business results can truly go to the next level when you learn and integrate some amazing key concepts from Neuro Linguistic Programing into the way you operate.

These books above all come extremely highly recommended and I would love to know what you think so please feel free to leave a comment below or CONTACT me directly if you like.

Gaining the knowledge is the first important step to take and this list of the best books on NLP for Business will help you do just that but the next vital move is to actually put this stuff into practice and have world-class experienced NLP trainers help you get to the level required to be truly effective.

The BEST ONLINE NLP COURSE can absolutely help you to achieve this, I am speaking from experience because this is the same exact course that I did and I’m still RAVING about (as you can see.)

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    1. Great question and funny you should ask that because it is sitting on my shelf at home and is literally the next book on my to-read list! If I see it’s as good as everyone says it is and has NLP references for Business then I will most surely update the article and add this one to it! Thanks for your comment Bloggancer 😉

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