This INLP Center Review is a truthful account of my first-hand experience with them. I spent my hard-earned cash on the most expensive course they had on offer but was it worth the money? Read on to find out… or skip ahead and see the COUPON CODE and Course List NOW!


Watch the video above  &/or  read on because I have the answer for you…

If you really want to know the BEST online NLP course then this post is for you...
If you really want to know the truth about the INLP Center then this review is for you…

You NEED to know this…

So many options but which online NLP course is peerless
So many options but which online NLP course is legit?

So you heard about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and you think it might just be for you… now you find yourself wondering… which is the BEST NLP course online?

I know the feeling of not knowing which course to choose because I was in the exact same position that you are in at the moment!

Now I know what it takes to get through to the other side and become an Internationally Certified NLP Master and Life Coach.

But what do those titles mean exactly?

How can this improve your life?

How useful is it in practical terms?

Can you actually make money out of it and can this become your job?

So with this post I want to be completely honest with you guys and give you the best information I can provide and then you can make your own decision and decide for yourself if this is something you might be interested in.

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There were some on-site courses on the table, including one I was seriously considering in England, but with my newly born daughter and full-time job it was impossible to take off the time necessary to complete these courses!

So I decided that I needed an online course.

(Read why Online courses are better than In-Person ones!)

One which had no time limit and that I could do in the moments when my daughter and my wife were asleep.

I ended up finding the number one online course in the world hands down.

The official center who offered the course was The INLP Center and the INLP Center reviews were unbelievable!


The ratings don't lie! This NLP course is almost perfect!
The ratings don’t lie! This NLP course is almost perfect!

They have raving fans and I spoke directly to the co-creator of the course, Hope Bundrant.

She was so helpful and informative

It just felt right

It felt like a legitimate course

As you know we are creatures of emotion

We choose things judging on our emotion not logic!

However, I wanted to make sure my emotions weren’t betraying me and decided to dive deeper into the objective requirements for the Best NLP Training Online.

The overwhelming conclusion I came to is that the highest quality courses are accredited by the International  Coach Federation (ICF). This seal of approval on a course is like a gold star that says this is the real deal!

Sure enough, the INLP center courses are ICF accredited and that’s not all… They are accredited by many more organizations such as the State of California Board of Behavior Sciences, the International Association of Professional Life Coaches, the International NLP Center, the Association of Coach Training Organizations, CAMFT (association for marriage and family therapy in California) and the NADAAC (National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors).

I wasn’t able to find any other online Neuro Linguistic Programming online course that came close to the amount of credible third parties who’ve reviewed and approved their courses like the INLP Center. 

Talk about giving me confidence that this truly is the best NLP certification online!

I now felt, emotionally and logically, that it was the perfect course for me… Finally, after all the research I was completely at peace with my decision.

What brought me to the website initially was my love and interest in NLP but I found it offered much more than just that!

My eyes were drawn to a really enticing combined pack that was on offer…

NLP Life Coach PCC Track
This is the most complete INLP Center course on offer!


The “PCC TRACK” complete accredited training package!

It not only offered amazing accreditation:

• ICF (international coach federation)
• International NLP association
• Intl’ assoc. of Prof. Life coaches

It was also much more thorough than all of the other competitors.

Even though I had come to the site in search of Neuro Linguistic Programming certification I’d always been interested in becoming a Life Coach.

Seeing this amazing opportunity to combine both in one of their NLP Life Coaching courses and come out as a Certified Master Life Coach (MLC) and NLP Master was too good an opportunity to pass up.

What really pushed me over the line though, were the amazing reviews and the fact the co-creator of the course is world famous NLP, psychotherapist and life coach training expert… Mike Bundrant!

Mike is a very well-known figure in the world of NLP and is highly respected in the world of Life Coaching too!

When I heard that by signing up to the course you actually get exclusive Master Coach training with Mike face to face online for 44hrs of small group sessions I couldn’t believe it!

Not only would I be learning all about NLP but I’d also have arguably the best NLP Trainer in the world to guide me through the course.

Also included in the pack are 125 ICF Coach Training hours, more than enough to get you certified by the Gold Standard in Coaching, the ICF (International Coach Federation).

I now had no hesitation in signing up for the course.

I could never have expected just how good the course actually was and continues to be!


That’s right, I’ve finished the certificates but I have lifetime access to the center which means I can attend live chats anytime I want and speak to expert life coach, NLP and hypnosis trainers who are unbelievably helpful and friendly whenever I want!

One of the trainers is a guy named Steve and he is a Master NLP Trainer and with over 35 years in Education and Business Leadership, he is a natural-born teacher who knows how to connect with his students.

He works for the website and he does trainings in live zoom sessions a few times every week where you can speak to him about anything!

The level of support there is mind-boggling, you really feel like you’re a part of a community

I’ve met some fascinating people from all over the world too!  

Other students just like you from Egypt, Hawaii, Sweden…you name it!

These guys are so cool and are on this journey just like you.

The Facebook Group community is so supportive
The Facebook Group community is so supportive


The other fantastic thing about this course is there is no time limit!

You can do it at your own pace however fast or slow you want.

And you can do it from wherever in the world you want!

If you decide to do the course I chose (the NLP/Life Coach PCC Track package) it could take about a year at a relaxing pace.

I, however, made time consistently every week and it took me 9 months to do!


The way the website is structured is so cool.

You have an easy-to navigate student dashboard where you have a list of your coaching program and all the courses, lessons & assignments that you have to do.

The assignments are actually really fun!


You have missions which you have to complete, sometimes it’s a stealth one without the other person realizing you’re practicing a technique and other times it’s a real coaching session.

Have fun with the terrific NLP missions in this online course!
Have fun with the terrific NLP missions in this online course!

If you get a good enough mark you complete that assignment, if not you’ll have to re-do it. One of my favourite assignments was a stealth one to practice Matching!


You’ll also have to attend live training sessions on zoom (an online video chat program very similar to Skype) with the trainers to cover whatever module you are working on more in-depth!

This online training alone made the price I paid for this course totally worth it! In every session,  you are learning NLP from the best in the business and actively participating in a real chat with real people, not just watching a pre-recorded video!


And here comes my only criticism of the course… if you live in a Spanish timezone and work a typical Spanish timetable (like me) then the times of the live chats aren’t always convenient.

The Online NLP Course Live chat timetables

They try to cater to timezones all over the world, having coaches run Zoom sessions from the US, Australia, Brazil and Italy but I still found myself having to get up at 2 am to attend a few sessions.


The good news is they have the chats every week at various times so if you miss one you can just attend another one covering the same module on another day. You only really have to get up early if you’re in a rush to do the course (like I was) or your work timetable is terrible (like mine was!).

First rate ONLINE face-to face chats with the best in the NLP business thanks to this COURSE!
First rate ONLINE face-to face chats with the best in the NLP business thanks to this COURSE!

They go above and beyond your expectations with this amazing online NLP course!
This course continually delivers more than you expect!


You can write an email to Mike’s wife and co-creator of the INLP courses, Hope, at any time and she will always get back to you, really quickly!

When chatting face-to face on zoom with the creator, Mike, he also told me that the team is there to support you anytime!

You just have to meet him to know he is such a nice, humble, down-to-earth guy and you will see straight away just why he is so highly regarded in this world of NLP and life coaching.


The actual certificates you receive at the end of the course really just end up becoming a footnote to the experience and all the unforgettable people you meet, all the abilities that you gain and all the insight and techniques of NLP and Life Coaching you acquire.

When I actually finished the course, I felt so ready to coach because I’d already gone through something much more daunting!


At the end of the course, in order for students to get their Life Coach Certificate and become professional life coaches, you have to do three evaluations where you actually coach another student for a whole session in front of all the other students.

Obviously it is nerve-wracking but once you have gone through that and after receiving Mike’s advice, help and feedback you truly feel like you’re ready to go out there into the real world and be the best coach you can be with internationally recognized qualifications!

You will be READY!
You will be READY!

But don’t take my word for it guys, I urge you to research this course and all of its competitors! See for yourself if what I’m saying is true.


Google it extensively like I did and check if it ticks all the boxes and rings true to you too like it did for me!

I’m sure you’ll find when judging all the competition in terms of quality & NLP/Life coach certification cost there is no equal out there.

Check out these INLP Center Reviews by other real students whose testimonials are full of overwhelming praise for the staff, course structure, delivery and overall experience.

When you’ve made your decision, come back here to this post to use the links I provide at the bottom to the “Inlp Center” website.

It won’t cost anything extra for you but it will help me immensely in being able to keep providing you guys with free, honest content like this.

In fact, by doing this you will SAVE yourself A LOT OF MONEY by using the Coupon Code I provide further below!


I’m telling you though, from personal experience, as someone who has actually completed this course and come out on the other side, that this is one of the only things I’ve ever spent this amount of money on that actually exceeded my expectations!

It is 100% the BEST NLP Course ONLINE for many reasons:

* Internationally recognized and certified qualifications

* The best amount of lifetime support you can get in the NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching industry from some of the top professionals in the world face to face

* The amazing community of people who support you from all over the world

* And finally, the way it impacts your own life! My thought process has changed incredibly; I have learnt to frame things and situations to create my own happiness!

To see a bit more about my own story and why I needed NLP to improve my life click here: MIKE’S STORY


If you do decide to choose this course then use the links I provide at the bottom.

I will gain a small commission at no extra cost to you but it will help me more than you know in being able to keep providing free content like this. Plus the Coupon Code will help you to save money so it’s a win-win! 


So, if you are serious about doing the best Online NLP/Life Coach accreditation in the word at the INLP Center then this is where you can make it happen & at a DISCOUNT!

Below I list the BEST courses which can give you the certification you need to start working as an NLP Master &/or Life Coach today!

All you have to do is USE one of the LINKS provided BELOW and…

This Coupon Code:

MLG10 to get 10% OFF any of these courses! (for One-Time Payments)

MLG10S to get 10% OFF any of these courses! (for Installment Plan Payments)


  • If you are ONLY Interested in getting accredited NLP certification then this NLP Master Training is the course for you…


Courses & Certifications Included:
NLP Practitioner
NLP Masterclick here


  • If you are more interested in knowing NLP for your own Personal Development then is the course for you…


6 Courses Included:
The A-H-A Solution: A Program to End Self-Sabotage
Zen Motivation: Beyond the Carrot and the Stick
Tame the DMN for Chronic Stress Relief
Metaphors: The Driving Force Behind Your Life
Cooling the Fire: The Conflict Resolution Strategy
Three Soul Stirring Questions 

click here


  • If you want to do the MOST COMPLETE one (and best Combined Life Coach/NLP Course Online) and THE SAME one that I DID…

NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training and Certified Master

Courses & Certifications Included:
NLP Practitioner
NLP Master
Certified Life Coach (CLC)
Master Life Coach (MLC)

Unlimited Marketing Training
Exclusive  Master Coach Training with Mike Bundrant

click here


Remember to use This Coupon Code:

MLG10 to get 10% OFF any of these courses! (for One-Time Payments)

MLG10S to get 10% OFF any of these courses! (for Installment Plan Payments)


This course has been life changing for me and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Please let me know how it goes!

I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with anyone interested and i would love to follow your journey into Life Coaching and NLP as well.


Now you’re probably asking yourself some questions about how to proceed on this journey with NLP, right? Well, here are some common questions and the answers to them…

“Is NLP legitimate or is NLP a scam?”

There are those who say that Neuro Linguistic Programming is a pseudoscience (a collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method). 

Whilst there are some claims from NLP which are a bit too good to be true the fact is that at it’s core NLP is really just a collection of the best techniques and practices from Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and Psychology. 

I have been using Neuro Linguistic Programming for years and have found it not only super effective for my clients but also myself since although it sounds relatively new and independent it’s actually just a collection of tried and tested methods which in fact are scientifically proven as being effective.

So don’t buy into the hype that NLP is a scam and some sort of renegade method which is completely different to all others. The fact is that you will find the teachings of NLP throughout psychology, hypnosis and psychotherapy texts. It just chooses to use the most fast-acting methods from all of them to form the ultimate collection of the best of each. 

Its base of techniques is rock solid and it’s proved for both myself and my clients to be completely legitimate in changing the programs that run our minds!

“Is the INLP Center legit?”

Completely 100% legit! I am speaking as a student who has forked out A LOT of money doing courses from this website and I’ve never been disappointed. This website you are reading would never exist if it wasn’t for the inspiration and knowledge I learned from the INLP Center!

“Is NLP training worth it?”

I cannot recommend NLP Training enough! The number 1 reason you should learn about NLP is for your own personal development and that of your loved ones. I have been able to gain a level of focus and joy in my life thanks to the reprogramming methods of NLP that I shout from the rooftops the benefits of NLP whenever I can to anyone who will hear me! And best of all, I’ve been able to help my family and loved ones feel better about themselves and improve their lives as well! Read my story to find out more.

“What are the benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming?”

Check out 5 ways NLP can help you to find out just how much NLP can improve your life!

“How do I start using Neuro-Linguistic programming in my life?”

You can START HERE and follow the advice of that page so you can start implementing NLP in your life today! I not only explain what you should learn when starting NLP but also give you some solid NLP techniques to use at home as well as the basics of NLP.

“How can I use NLP to achieve success in business?

Check out The 13 best book on NLP for Business to see the best NLP books for Business I’ve on the market! This is a great way to introduce yourself to the subject of Neuro Linguistic Programming in the world of suits and ties.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can find out about the Best Online NLP Business courses and choose whichever one appeals to you the most. You’ll not only get an upper hand in negotiations, rapport building & influencing others but also become certified as an NLP Business Practitioner in the process! 

“Is there any YouTube channel where we can learn the basics of NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming)?”

Yes there certainly is! Check out my Youtube Channel: NLP KEYS. I’m constantly adding videos that deal specifically with Neuro Linguistic Programming Tips, Techniques and Reviews!

“What are the best NLP websites?”

This one of course! I’m not at all bias either! haha. But seriously, you have THIS WEBSITE for you to learn all you need to know about NLP without spending a dime!!!

“Is there any NLP Coach  near me?”

By typing in “NLP Coach (name of your city/town)” you will receive a listing of practitioners who you can work with. A good indicator of their professionalism is if they have the accreditation that the courses I’ve listed in this article provide, especially from the ICF (International Coaching Federation).

“Who is the best Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP practitioner for online skype coaching?

Nowadays since the whole Covid19 thing kicked off in 2020 it can be a lot more practical to do these sessions Online. As such you’ll have many more possibilities at finding a great NLP Practitioner for Online Skype Coaching. For a limited time, I’m offering my readers a free 30 minute session for you to try it out yourself and see if it’s for you! Follow the link in the last sentence and let me know the times you’re available for the session.

“How can I ask you specific questions that I have about the courses you’ve mentioned or anything at all?”

I would LOVE to hear from you. Please just click CONTACT and write to me about anything that’s on your mind. I’ll respond as soon as possible 🙂

Lots of love guys and hope you LOVE this incredible online NLP course as much as I did
Lots of love guys and hope you LOVE this incredible online NLP course as much as I did


Michael Lloyd-Green


    1. Great Dave, if you need any more info just let me know and I’ll be happy to provide it 🙂

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  3. That was the kind of info I was looking for!! Concrete and clear! Thanks for such useful information!!

  4. Thanks for the information, however, I want to hear your opinion on NLP Courses on Groupon. Are they real and should I buy them? Also, is there an age requirement for these courses?

    1. Hi Caitlin,
      First and foremost, thanks so much for taking the time to read my article and posting a comment.
      Secondly, It’s a very good question you have there. It is very tempting to purchase an NLP Course from Groupon since the reduction in price often seems too good to be true.
      These courses are a decent way to learn about NLP but from the majority of feedback from people who have done these courses it seems it is little better than a pdf on NLP with some audios thrown in.
      Another drawback is there seems to be very little customer support once you have bought the product. A good online course will have very quick email feedback for any doubts you have, will have a facebook community of students who can also help you out and have live zoom or skype sessions to answer your questions in real time (like the INLP Course I explained above has).
      It seems most of these groupon courses never even respond to an email unfortunately.
      You would be better off purchasing a book like “NLP for dummies” in which the information would be more comprehensive and the price is cheaper too.
      The only benefit of the course then would be if you actually received some good accreditation from it which would then make you an authority on NLP, allowing you to work as an NLP Practitioner for example.
      If it has accreditation from the International NLP Association then this is a good start. You should defintiely check what type of NLP governing body acceditation the course offers and google it to make sure it’s legit.
      So in conclusion, if you just want to learn more about NLP then reading the articles and watching the vids on this website &/OR buying a book like one of these ( can definitely give you that information for a very reasonable price.
      If, however you want to work in the world of NLP then I would suggest getting a reputable course that offers great accreditation and support like the INLP COURSE so you are sure that what you are doing will be internationally certified once you have finished.
      I hope that information helps you and I wish you the best of luck on your NLP Journey!
      If you have any other questions or doubts please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

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